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The Undiscovered Inventor

Make and Remake-Design and Re-design

31 August
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I am me. I was amazed as I tried to recall where I was when my mom was a little girl. I then realized I was not around during the civil war. The days of slavery, the crusades, the French revolution. But I am here now. Where is here? What is now? Who am I?
thanks to (in my opinion) Good parental up bringing I was taught that Cause and Effect is Real and is NO LIE.
That where there is a watch there is an intelligent individual or group creating that watch .Usually only one who has the idea and shares it with others.
Then I asked myself, Who made me beyond my parents? Evolution provided no answer. Must be taken on faith. But for all the intelligence an complexities in LIFE. No deal....for life produces life. Death produces death. Fruits are trees inside.
So I was turned to the only obvious answer. God made me...who is he/she? The Bible then told me "He" is the all-mighty supreme being...designer, creator, sustainer and judge of the Universe.
I was Afraid of the last one..."""Judge""" I saw myself as dirty, mean, angry (that my dad left) bitter, never smiling...sin...I was a sinner and this judge would punish me for that...so I asked His forgiveness and began my pilgrims progress. I am now his child, a saint, a soldier, a priest of my home, an elect, one of the chosen who have chosen to accept and believe the truth. I was no no, am free Forgiven
I ask you now as part of my duty, service will you consider the Creator of all things…for you are not fearfully and wonderfully evolved…you donot need to struggle for everything, Everything you have you were given, Now take this advice call on the Son of the Creator and Live forever with HIM He loves you…He will answer All you questions worth answering.
Prayer: Jesus I am a sinner and need to be forgiven, forgive me of my sin of ___ ,Come into my life, Prepare me for life here and life with you in your kingdom. Thank you Jesus.

Welcome to the Family of God ,If you Prayed that paryer in Truth.

Allow God to lead you to a church where the Bible is believed and taught.
Send to me any further help questions you would want answered.If I am able I will.
God bless you .
Kirk out