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This Is a wake Up Call to The World , Though only a handful of individuals are aware of it. That is The ONE X SYSTEM,

We are about to launch into 2012 millionaires, the likes of which the world has ever seen....

Have you seen Back to The Future Two? When Marty went back to an alternate reality where BIFF controlled the world?

And what a world that was...Can everyone handle the Power of Money? I'm not talking about financial advisers,budget managers...No I am referring to a day when folks from the ghetto moved uptown...Not used to cleaning, maintaining nor caring for their surroundings.No natural home spun pride of ownership..."their goes the neighborhood"

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The life in a world where an average joe could be a multimillionaire, This could be the prophetic signs spoken of by Daniel, A loaf of bread would cost a weeks wage. I Do believe that when the majority of folks have the lions share of the worlds financial wealth, then the average prices would be pointless. In order meet the demands of everyone being able to pay for all the merchandise...Prices would sore.

Readers : I am no profit, nor financial analysts...Here is the BOOM to start it all.


We have heard about The Baby boomers ; Then Generation X ; we may need to dubb this ONE X Out break. As The Rise of the XFacters.

Are you going to be a part of the RISE OF THE X FACTERS ?

The Day an MLM Truly Rocked the financial World.

There was a moving commercial with the song..."It's time for autographs, cap and gown graduation fun..." Well It's that time of the year again and this time I do have a Graduate in the bunch, I am praaaa-oude of Her. She is so looking forward to college.

Out of one school there will be 300+ students leaving and searching for a way to make money. That's it right? To make money. Because when you have money...The world is OPENED to you Right?

What do rich movie star kids do ? Not the ones that steal...they make music videos,Movies or they could write a book and be published in seconds...Because of the Fame and Money of their parents.

What do poor kids do?.......You tell me.....I have a solution: Here is a business for All Three: Poor - Middle - Rich...Income familes:

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Face of Our World.
I am walking home, on two occasions,apparently I have an un-trusting face or something. It may sound petty or over sensitive.But here goes.
On one side of Our apartment(these are top of the line digs) is a local church with a very busy nursery/ day care/ continual education school.
On the other side is an elementary school, so this place is hopping with kids.
Just three days ago i am walking with a push basket of groceries, across the parking lot of this church daycare. Across the lot shaded by some very large trees is a playground with about five to six children, ankle biters and a round medium build 'black/brown' woman sits on a chair from the facilities with a little girl on her knee. As I am passing, a little white/Caucasian boy is holding a stick like a gun, then he stop and asks me where I am going.The woman spins her head promptly and says something to him, Which he obviously ignores, Then asks me another question, "what are you carrying"...Before i could say anything The Woman answers for me. At first thought I thought nothing(it takes my inner synapses to process information in possible scenarios.)

There is a law in the head of the Adults, Do not allow your children to talk to strangers...How ever there is a Higher Law that says "do not forget to entertain strangers..."

The second example happened just this morning, As i returned again from food lion, (There was a special on the bleach 2 for $3.00)Toting my bleach, I passed a young lady and two children, she said nothing as we passed each other on the narrow side walk so I said Nothing(of course I could have said good morning first), her son, could be no more than two yrs old, kept looking me in the face trying to see what I was carrying, or who I was...His "Mom" gave his hand a jerk and muttered for him to come along.

May I say, that we are growing Colder and COLDER towards other human beings.

If I am passing this day care and see a child tangled in a tree swing struggling to be freed, should I.
A. Run to help the child and release him/her
B.Run to the office of the school/church and yell for those women to help
C.Scream for anyone to help the child or
D.Don't Bother...b'cause I may be a pervert, so walk away from the child.

If I find or realize a child is lost in a mall or large store.
A.Get a police to secure the child?
B.Mind my own business.
c.stay with the child until his/her parent finds them.
D.Pretend I am a "suspected" petifile and walk away quickly.

My point being.
WE are totally confident in our health and well being, that we feel that we shall never be in need of help from "A STRANGER".

" OH, I don't know your, so you can't stop me from choking to death."
"Oh, I don't know you so don't tell me you see come strange smoke coming from my house/car or clothing."
"OH, I don't know your, so you can't stop me/ or my kids from must be recognized(see below)

Sir before you can help this old lady across the street we need to see your D.L, two forms of ID, the last four digits of your social, A light bill, your parents marriage certificate, a voters card, OH and sir it must be a State ID of the state in which you live,(cause we can't trust the folks in New YORK" They make false NEW YORK STATE IDs.

So...Live Journal...If you see a stranger, remember: Hope to THE GOOD LORD That you will never need a strangers help.

I have invented a new MI. I now need investors who would be interested in trippling their initial investment of USD.$5,000 (five thousand dollars)I do accept pay pal send me a comment and the amount you are investing $ all amounts would be trippled in repayment...I will not pay in partnership nor in percentage.

Send me a comment stating that you are willing to join up. In the subject heading write the word ...Tripple.Then send payment/investment to:

Lets Fly together ...A blast from the not so distant past....

wow a job for everyone

Good Connections = Success
"A Hunting I will Go ...A
hunting I have gone ,
Oh my I have no Job ...
A hunting I will not."
sang to the tune ..the farmer in the dell.

The days of child hood are far behind us. Even our children are not children anymore...TV and Movies have taken away their innocence ,But that's for another blog. This is about Jobs that are not jobs at all.

Online Working :Gathering folks with credit cards to join your business with the use of a flashy website.

There is an explosion of internet opportunities out their and as soon as we learn to post blogs , design a site or use another persons site to generate sales.I am not discouraging anyone who owns a few of them ,for i have a number of them myself and I love the site of 140+ members in my down line. I am not saying i am making a killing on the internet but I am saying you owe it to yourself to investigate each business investment site that comes across your screen ,with the exception of the adult entertainment sites,They are called entertainment for a reason.

Entertainment PULLS your ...time ,energy,money,morals,family,friends etc. Though their are some entertainment you and your loved ones can share together.

That was free. Here each site has the potential to generate a good stable income for you and your loved ones. How ever depending on where you are starting financially . You would need a game plan.

A. begin with a low start up. Here are three to choose from

B.You would then need A cash generating upgrade places to invest your NEW income ...This is for stable wealth. (World Touring cash)

C.Finally a group of folks to pitch your business ideas ...sounding boards as it were.

So there it is ...As easy as ABC yet the only warning is : Gathering folks without a game plan is next to impossible.

For logging on and reading my blog I will give you a Kirkwood Young internet Marketing secret....

Direct Invitation is out. Folks will more likely join you when they feel or believe they are the first or they found it on their own. People are fickle that way.

now my friends stay teachable and keep surfing. free beees

be willing to step out

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First Day of the week gitters : For many of us we could not bare the thought of Mondays. Dreaded Mondays, Hated Mondays, OH Lawd not Monday again. I sang a little diddy when I worked as an educator in the Islands. Entitled Monday .it goes like this …(to the tune One Day At a Time by Christy lane : you tube it it’s still moving.

Monday off my mi....nd . sweet Jesus ,That’s all I'm asking from you ,Lord give me the strength to simply forget ,the work I must doooo.....

Now as I think back ,I needed to be grateful for the job I had. It may be just a J.O.B.-Just over broke. But we need these jobs keep the food on our table, roof over heads, food in our bellies and allow us to kick off any online opportunities. I have been drawn into the Rich Dad serious ,I am a medium reader so it took me a while to get done with it...It Has valuable information ,and some you can't dispute. I tried the own business idea, since the suspicion level of people in our country , work for public has been hard pressed.

The internet offers for us both anonymity and popularity, there are pros and cons in both arenas .

For anonymity the pros. Are that internet marketers sign into a business, for the value of that particular business, in and of itself( the sales pitch was Good).No personal involvement means you are safe from rejections , hurt feelings.

The con. Is that an internet marketer may say “ I don’t know you so I will not sign up in your offer …I can’t trust who I do not know.”( and some they do know they won’t trust)

For Popularity the pros. Are. The value the “inviter” brings to the business and The acquaintance factor (family ,friend or friend of a friend (hardly ever to the power of three: friend of a friend of a friend)) The con. Based on a persons race (ethnic group), color ( sad to say) and or maybe a thought to say I will not be below you in any business you start.

It could be that the business idea is not good /lack of interest/ or the fact that I have tried it before.

We are all seeking wealth : ALL. A friend of mine once told me, “ There two types of people make it in this world :The Needy and the Greedy” I tend to believe him .

If you are not offended and would be interested I invite you to take a look ,or another look at these offers .and to sign up as desired. Then Upgrade that we may both benefit.

Than you so much for reading.









Kirk out.


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